Welcome to Alpina!

The «Alpina» resort is located in the centre of Tsaghkadzor, which is considered as one of the best holiday destinations of Armenia. The town lies on the Eastern slope of the mountain Teghenis at the height of 1840m. above the sea level. Being situated at a distance of 55 km from Yerevan (the capital of Armenia) and just 70 km from the “Zvartnotz” international airport it is an ideal retreat from which to enjoy the many delights of the area and yet to escape the noise of the city. The resort has the very relaxed and informal atmosphere with climate that possesses sanitary properties. The average temperature in Tsaghkadzor is –5 degrees (in winter time) as well as the average annual fall-out is 600-700 mm and the quantity of sunny days is more than 300 days. You are welcome to enjoy your time with us, have a rest from the urban bustle, and get inspired by the surrounding beauty and of course, breathe the crystal air of Tsaghkadzor!

One of the main advantages of the resort «Alpina» is that it’s right in the center of the city, so you can easily get to the cultural and historical places, cafes and restaurants, markets of the Tsaghkadzor. Make your holidays perfect by revealing new hobbies for you either alone or with friends and relatives.

With best regards «Alpina» resort